How to use Antutu Officer to Detect a Knock-off Smartphone Device

My first mobile phone was a phablet-sized “China phone”(but not a phablet for reasons given later). This however doesn’t mean that all China phones are fake. In fact my current one is a genuine China flagship killer. Just after completing high school I bought my first phone at ksh. 6,000 (equivalent of $60) off of some money my mum gave me as a prize for impressive O-Level score. I think that was the best thing people in my village had seen. I was so impressed. The ‘thing’ had LEDs on the edges that would flicker whenever someone was calling (It would be an ideal gift for Christmas for its x-mass tree features)You could set a video as a ringtone and its volume level 1 was louder than my current phone’s highest volume level. How else would people notice a noob in the mobile phone world?

Here are some of the reasons why the ‘phone’ wouldn’t qualify to be called a Phablet in spite of its large size:

  1. Could not load the Google Homepage without throwing a Memory Full  Error alert and terminating the whole process.
  2. It had 16Mp rear camera yet a 1.5Mp camera of a genuine Nokia had clearer pictures.
  3. You couldn’t lower its volume unless you mute it or put it in vibration mode.
  4. You couldn’t load new applications.
  5. In short, it had everything a real smartphone doesn’t have!

I was so disappointed and embarrassed that i sold it off at ksh. 2,000 (equivalent of $20) just to get rid of it. Since then, I have been allergic to counterfeit phones. Actually, I have to keenly vet any device before buying it nowadays. I have used GSM Arena to check out how a potential device compares with others based on the reviews those guys provide. I am also an ardent reader of the gadget reviews by Android Authority and of course other reliable tech blogs.

That said, there are some details that these gadget review blogs wont give which necessitates the need for an app like Antutu Benchmark App. This particular application provides all details you would require about a smartphone. It also has add-on apps for various other functionalities. In this post, we will discuss about the Antutu Benchamark and the Antutu Officer.

Antutu benchamark

This app can be downloaded from Google Play store by seraching Antutu Benchmark App for Android or Antutu Benchmark App for iOS from Apple Store. Once installed, Antutu Benchmark performs hardware tests on your device and arms you with facts. This is especially important for tech freaks like myself who want to know how many cores the CPU has, what frequency is it clocked at, what is the CPU architecture, is it 32-bit or 64 bit, what is the Memory size, how does the device compare or rank among other competitors and so on. Such details are not important to everyone but any tech geek will agree with me that it is one of the signatures.


Antutu Officer

Antutu Officer on the other hand is a standalone app used to verify if the phone is genuine or not. Probably everyone would need this app. You can get it from Google play store or Apple store. Below is a video demo on how to install Antutu Officer and use it to verify if your smartphone is genuine.

Say no to counterfeit by testing your phone like a Geek ? ?