We Sell..

We sell microcontrollers and development boards such as ardino boards, Raspberry Pi, and beaglebones. We also stock other engineering and DIY electronic components you might need for your project.

We Teach..

We write educative blog tutorials to help you understand how things work. We also share source codes of each project we work on.

And Demonstrate!


Every project culminates in a video demo. We always create and share a video of every electronic project we undertake to demonstrate how it works. Stay tuned, learn, and have fun!

Prototype Hardware..


We carefully and meticulously create prototypes from circuit designs to ensure that every jumper goes to the right slot and every component sits where it should.

Write Code..


We then take cups of coffee and convert the caffeine into code that we use to run on our projects. The code is tested iteratively until it can control hardware as intended.

And Implement!

Once we are satisfied with how the hardware prototype and software work, we proceed to the implementation phase. In this stage, we meet buddies like the soldering iron and wire who help put things together 😉

Have fun, keep calm and geek on!